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Squats with Chains and Controlling Deadlifts

Ben Patrick, [24/09/2022 01:42]

@remland_athletics Poliquin also mentioned chains helping BEGINNERS, funny enough....

Since my squat is not a strong point for me, chains actually better than no chains, feels more natural. Funny how a method could be both advanced and beginner at the same time. When that's true, sounds like a winner to me!

I'm very passionate about squats with chains! I could definitely see that being something ATG promotes more. Full depth for the results that come from more range of motion in a squat, but chains so you get the results of heavier weight. It makes sense because we are stronger at the top, so it "wakes up" the body for what's to come.

I have only hesitated in promoting them because let's say someone is trying to go to the gym and do ATG, but doesn't have chains... It's all a learning process. I think it's very underrated, yep.

In person we saw that controlling down deadlifts made people a lot stronger and more injury-proof vs only doing the concentric and the dropping the weight. Possibly one of the biggest WTFs in training:

1. Back problems RAGING across all levels of fitness...

2. No one asking the universe for eccentric back strength

I mean it's just the norm to control almost all your lifts but then drop every f***ing deadlift with no eccentric time under tension. The great the concentric vs eccentric strength ratio the greater injury likelihood there seems to be. Just common sense.

Anyways, that's all for me today. Lots of good stuff going on! The more tools we can have, the more people can create their own ATG journeys, whatever that means for them.

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