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Squatting for Jumping: Depth Over Weight

Ben Patrick, [06/02/2023 14:55]

Another Shred observation: Does driving up “squat” increase jump?

There’s truth to that for sure, BUT… The double bodyweight+ squatters at ATG aren’t the highest jumpers. So something about that equation must be off.

We notice a stronger correlation between the depth of the squat training, and vertical jump, than just the actual squat number, and vertical jump. All the highest jumpers here can practically hit their glutes to the Slantboard. None of them have the strongest squats.

As Connor pointed out, perhaps staying with slantboard-focused squats for MORE KNEE ADAPTATION, getting as strong as possible with that fullest range, and then gradually adding bands or chains to the bar, will be far more effective than just “squat twice bodyweight”. Because as a blanket statement, that doesn’t automatically pan out in the real world

So even though Shred may seem like a body comp program, it may low-key be an athletic transformation program:

ANKLES trained as much as rest of joints on up!! Squat build via slantboard, meaning greater knee adaptation. Hamstrings 4x per week!!!!

Here at HQ, guys are making breakthroughs off this “physique” program.

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