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Squatting with less knee pain.

Daniel Pfohl

So is it ok to “squat through” some knee pain ?

Ben Patrick

Daniel I personally don’t like working through any pain. There is more risk with that and perhaps less longevity with that approach. 

But Daniel I will say this… My best progression to deep squats hasn’t even been seen publicly yet… The next couple months will be the most brutally patient of my life.

Eric Williams

Some context for what it's worth - if it's your job to get a bigger squat, you are playing by different rules and confines than Jan and Joe in accounting who are 50 and hike twice a week with some spicy knees.

Ben Patrick

Eric LOL!!!! FACTS!!!! Here are some tips on that… In person I trained a lot of elite squatters…

1. Squatting with chains actually seemed smoother on the knees

Here’s 440 pounds NOT including the chains (Video of Fernando Lopez squatting at the old ATG)

Through chain squatting his max increased beyond his previous max without chains!!! The next week hit 484 no chains. No belt, no knee sleeves, rock bottom. And this was a guy running a 4.4 40 and 40 inch vertical. Meaning, not an oly lifter, not a ton of squatting experience.

2. ATG Split Squat + Seated GM are a legitimate squat-improving workout

So with ATG Split Squat + Seated GM, and Squats w/ Chains, you can probably drive up squat more, AND with less knee pain

Another ATG OG ⬆️, 400 pound Clean, yet LEAN and athletic. 40 inch vertical from standstill, not just dunking from a squat position: windmill dunking from a squat position!

They both had EXCEPTIONAL split squats. So: less knee pain, higher squat/clean numbers are very possible compared to “just squat through the pain”

Again notice NO KNEE SLEEVES, NO BACK BELT. That 400 clean is not even in oly shoes!!!!!!!!

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