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Starting Single-Leg J-Curls on Elephant Walks

Drake Davis, [06/06/2023 19:50]

Is there a certain point on elephant walks that you would want someone to get to before you start having them do single-leg J-curls?

Ben Patrick, [06/06/2023 20:23]

@imDrake757 my opinion is an exercise can be started at any time. It’s all based on the client. Now, digging deeper… If you can bend down to pick up a pencil, you can start SL J Curl lol! You can hold something to balance and regress. 👍

RDL can also be started at any given time BUT… RDL form seems to happen a lot better with a base of: SEATED GM, and some form of hamstring lengthening, whether it be J Curls or Back Extensions.

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