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Steer parents in right direction to help athletes

Philip Ha, [16/06/2023 15:32]

Need some pointers from anyone who's worked with youth athlete and what mistakes to avoid and how to steer parents/coaches in the right direction of helping athlete:

I'm currently working with an 11 year old taekwondo athlete, and she has her parents/assistant instructors acting as coaches, a dedicated taekwondo coach, mindset coach, and dietician all work with her (the athlete). Lots of egos.

I want to make sure that we all work together in a way where we're not contradicting each other and making sure we do what's best for the athlete. She is currently also dealing with knee pain, and she has some bruising going on internally with her knees...

Ben Patrick, [16/06/2023 15:33]

@UnlockedPhilogic for Taekwondo I’d try to get buy-in on mastering the body’s weight and flexibility. 

Don’t seek perfection. Parents and coaches are often NUTS. Seek workability. Trying to change their egos is a tougher task than strategically getting their egos to buy in to what they can understand.

Philip Ha, [16/06/2023 15:42]

most definitely the case. for context, the dietician had the athlete on 800 calorie diet, they're training everyday minimum 3-4 hours of taekwondo, and every other day basically she's running at least a 5k. Not a lot of bodyweight training or strength/conditioning at all...

Fernando Lopez, [16/06/2023 17:05]

800 calories WHAT!?

Philip Ha, [16/06/2023 17:35]

Yes… she’s constantly cutting weight to make weight class.

Making weight in world of taekwondo is also not great because apparently every couple kilos you move up in weight class, everyone becomes 5in taller.

Taekwondo is truly become a tall persons sport which is frustrating…

Ben Patrick, [16/06/2023 17:42]

@UnlockedPhilogic personally, I wouldn’t get serious with an 11 year old kid. I would assess the kid as their own person, not the parents, and create a long-term lifestyle.

I can tell she is surrounded by psychos. Maybe you can be the one SANE person in this 11 year old’s life. Good luck. I’m not kidding at all.

It’s not an exaggeration to say many coaches are PSYCHOTIC. Some of the best advice I ever got was to go into EVERY team situation EXPECTING the coach to be psychotic. I have done very well on sports teams because of this. I predict them being psychotic, rather than being disappointed.

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