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Structural Balance and Integrity in Training

Angelo Simons, [28/09/2022 18:48]

@Kneesovertoesguy maybe you have already answered this but what would you do if let’s say 5 exercises are not structurally balanced yet? Would you stay on the same weight with your other exercises until you get those lower numbers up? Or still improve on them?

Ben Patrick, [28/09/2022 18:49]

Angelo well my personal program is almost exclusively movements 99% of people would fail the Structural Balance test in. So every day, every session, is getting more Structurally Balanced. This is expected when someone starts.

I think it's about programming volume, not having to stop doing a lift you're good at. So if a lift is a strong point, I say still train it. But do less sets. And more sets on weaker points.

To comment on the sports example above regarding Lonzo Ball doing balance and visual training, yet having piss poor knee ability:

1. Lonzo has already shown AMAZING vision etc etc!

Usually these super-skilled athletes need ZERO extra sport-specific stuff

They already have tens of thousands of hours of that in their sport

2. These type of guys test out with TERRIBLE knee strength

So it's like Structural Balance itself. Your weakest link can hold you back. I promise his passing isn't holding him back, his knee is. Sports themselves are MAJOR sources of balance, agility, vision, etc. Like you're already training those like crazy. In fact, a LIVE NBA game is probably more mentally stimulating than any sport-specific drills he's ever done. You have extreme pressure etc!

Anyone can add anything. But on top of a weak knee people are wasting their time on fancier stuff. He could be fucking BLIND and I can increase his knee ability. No eyeballs needed. I've worked with dozens of these guys. The reason I never publicly criticize is because I don't need to:

We can measure and improve Knee Ability in any athlete's knees.

That's my job. Anyone can add anything else to that. But out in the field, it's very clear they CANNOT measure and improve Knee Ability. Not consistently. Every NBA strength coach not having an ATG Cert actually shows that ego is senior to results. Kneesovertoesguy blows up on the greatest knee results ever... NBA strength coaches don't jump on it broadly.

Anyone who gave a fuck about their athletes over their own ego would have jumped on it at the very least to know it to the core, if they ever needed it with their basketball players. But training is no different. Politicians are supposed to be the best of us and their egos make many of them the opposite of that. This is humanity. Hence ATG has to account for humanity. Patience. Results. Accessibility. NO EGO.

Pro trainers remind me of politicians and the like. Getting to the top doesn't mean more results. There are also some GREAT politicians. And some GREAT pro trainers. But they're few. The egos get BIGGER. The chance to improve gets LESS. Simple math.

I also know there ARE strength coaches in all major pro sports organizations now using ATG. They've personally reached out. But we're talking like 10% of less So 9 out of 10 are like "okay someone is getting the most results ever... fuck them. I'm better because I need to stroke my own ego." It's just the truth at the top. You have less chance for improvement as you go up.

I pay my staff $25/hour minimum wage. More than Amazon. Even though Bezos is worth 100+ billion or whatever. And he would have a very convincing (but false) argument why. And with ATG the goal isn't absolute dominance either. That doesn't work. We have to have better results and we have to have better self-discipline not to let ego take over. As you go up, GAIN integrity. Don't lose it.

I would say the majority of people I've observed lose integrity in direct ratio to how high they go up. NO ALL. But the majority. Which explains a lot. So the question becomes... "HOW do you ensure you gain integrity as you go up?" As a statement it means nothing. The trick is to set up ACTIONS that hold you accountable. My next action launches in about 1 week.

That by the very nature of it I set up my entire life to USE my success to have MORE integrity, not less. I can't reveal what that is just yet, but another example is making something in America rather than making more margin in China. It's not a statement, it's an action. Only actions will ensure you have more integrity. I only have one friend who PROFITS over 10 million a year... All off Chinese made stuff. He's a GREAT guy but he didn't set up his ACTIONS for integrity. So now he's fucked. Now he would have to make a drastic change and face a lot of tougher times to do things better. 10+ million and only has a few staff.. He could be supporting so many more people with great jobs. I donate more to charity than he does by 20X. TWENTY TIMES MORE TO CHARITY. Because once you go down a road of less integrity, even UNKNOWINGLY, you now have a fork in the road. And you either admit you were wrong rr you continue to make even worse actions. He makes more money than I do but I donate 20 times to charity and support 20 times as many people. Know his minimum wage?

$4 dollars an hour. But here's the thing. He IS a good person and started out that way. This is how I know that the majority of people are actually good. But you take one wrong road of integrity and it can be a downhill slope from there. Before you know it you're the politician in the news found to be taking kickbacks for all kinds of shady shit. Very well may have started out a great person trying to improve their community


So I do the opposite of my friend and I am THRIVING, full of life. When I met up with my friend last year he seemed DEAD inside. But I've been helping him, and I won't stop. I'll turn him around. By getting him to take his success and turn that into ACTIONS of integrity. Because he IS a good person

So I don't condemn him or make him feel bad. I'm playing the long game to show him a route out. Then he will create major changes for good. If I attacked him BOOM - then he's take that side even harder and never have a chance of coming around. So it takes exceptional patience and self-discipline to go the route of integrity. You have to do better and be stronger mentally. I take this as a welcomed bonus. You become a superhuman in so many ways. You can't just be average. You can't just be normal.

Ok end of rant. I'll update you when my friend is donating millions to help others and has a much higher minimum wage. And I'll keep taking actions myself and keep fixing every weak link of my own. Because I'm not perfect. But I won't justify my mistakes.

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