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Structural Balance App for Athletic Training

Ben Patrick, [20/09/2022 18:23]

Here's a fun one I've been working on. It's based on an article by Poliquin where he lists 45-degree Incline Bench 73% of Front Squat as a strength test for athletes. Bear in mind, upper vs. lower body ratio could vary by sports goal.

Ever look at the upper body of a high jumper? (NO UPPER BODY) Meanwhile sprinters are jacked.

So this was only a starting version and REALLY the idea would be for the app to have a sliding scale.

There appear to be published Poliquin numbers on incline vs front squat ranging from 73 to 85%

So I would trust Ben Clarfield on what that range should be, by sport.

But imagine being able to use a sliding thing on the app and dicate what upper vs lower ratio you desire, still within Poliquin's numbers for Olympic athletes, and have the rest of the numbers spit out. Just having fun with the concept of Structural Balance. It's going to take MASSIVE EFFORT and CODING to really make it useful and applicable in programs.

Remember the goal for me with Structural Balance is not tests, but rather using the math of it so you can create any program, enter the reps, etc., and have it spit out GOALS for every set of every workout, from warm up sets to working sets. That would be awesome. And very possible with an app. Not practical without it.

Ben Patrick, [20/09/2022 18:31]

So 3 rep Front Squat = divide by 85% (to = back squat), divide by 90% (to equal 1 rep rather than 3) then multiply by .66 and again by .78 (8 reps vs 1) and you have Seated GM working weight at 8 reps

I never realized how TOUGH Poliquin's numbers actually were, until using them in training. His ACTUAL numbers dictate a bulletproof FREAK of nature. I don't believe more than 1 in 1 million lifters could pass his tests relative to their incline bench press, barring structural defect.

Even for Front Squat itself, with no bias to upper vs. lower, it's insane how strong he expected people to be in the nooks and crannies. It's a cheat code that has NEVER actually been applied.

Because if it's only used for testing but not IN-workout motivation, people just don't achieve those numbers. Think about this: every guy at LA Fitness goes in the bench press and works HARD with exact load. They know their strength. They work their ass off for 5 more pounds on the bench.

How can you expect a body to adapt on the exercises for resilience and athleticism, if you don't actually ask your body for that?

The cheat code of human performance is still in the CLUE phase and yet to be broadly applied. People will be stunned how weak they are in every key Poliquin exercise intended to PROTECT the body and POTENTIATE greater athletic effort.

Very exciting.

I simply listed my Top 10 basic lifts in that Spreadsheet above. I'm personally using a super simple workout split, which I have been updating and tweaking weekly, but within the same theme:

Mon/Thurs Legs & Hips

Tues/Fri Upper & Lower Legs

Ben Patrick, [20/09/2022 18:39]

(Poliquin rep scale)

1 100

2 94

3 90

4 88 > 87.5

5 85

6 83 > 82.5

7 80

8 78

9 76

10 74

11 72

12 70

For reps 4 and 6 I adjusted the math. 90, 88, 85, 83 was due to using a whole number but doesn't actually make sense, hence the 2.5 jumps instead of 2 or 3.

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