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Substituting ATG split squats for full squats

Haven O, [30/04/2023 04:21]

Could 5 sets of 5 heavy ATG split squats be substituted for full squat in ATG Pro if doing 2 leg sessions per week? @Kneesovertoesguy or would you be more likely to get better gains with 2 full squat sessions ?

Ben Patrick, [30/04/2023 07:47]

Haven absolutely can!… All about balance! (In current training and in relation to past training history) I’ve tried both (full sessions on one area or splitting up). Both seem to work evenly for me. See what you like.

I’d definitely say for a knee breakthrough, the full session on knee can be a game changer to warm them up. By the time you get to squat, someone who normally feels rough, can feel smooth and make better gains…

I’ve seen same thing on posterior, too…

Overall goal is to get bulletproof enough that it doesn’t matter.

Both can work, and it’s good to know how to use both ways of doing it.

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