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Success and Transparency for Coaches

Marcus Williams, [09/08/2023 19:24]

We should have some stats on coaches. It would be very inspiring for new coaches to see who’s made over 50/60/70/80k a year. What’s more inspirational than seeing real results?

I see the goal is to recruit new coaches. It would be a lot more attractive if we could show some transparency on who’s having a successful career.

The fact is that some of want to do this full time. I’m someone who’s doing it full time & self employed. I’m living my dreams. It’s possible. I’m no exception. The difference is that I’m faithful over few and I stick to the script!

There is a huge level of personal growth that is necessary in order to make a lot of money.

Any one can get lucky once and get a high paying client but will you have a pattern over 2/3/4/5 years?

Real success is measurable.

Food for thought.

Marcus Williams, [09/08/2023 19:40]

Success is about being attractive! The amount of opportunities that I say no to is mind blowing. I get to deny anything that doesn’t align with my values and schedule! That to me is freedom! Live where I want, say what I want, wear what I want, control my schedule! That’s freedom. That’s why I’m an ATG coach! I’m doing it right in my own backyard! Right in Los Angeles! Just the beginning. I’m here and I’m a resource. No fluff

Ben Patrick, [10/08/2023 10:35]

Very well done! You’ve done it in spite of any obstacles. The future of ATG For Coaches is all about enhancing that. We’ve been coding for months now working on ATG near me, and now on our app so other coaches can get hundreds if not thousands of online clients.

This is why I love having the Pulse. The realness of it. Way more details than what non-coaches have access to.

You have an amazing career on your hands now. And I’m grateful every day to have a purposeful one, in a one of purposeless jobs.

But I know first-hand from living at many different finance levels, how close a good ATG Coach can be to being in a good financial position.

Thanks for sharing your story. I know it will fire up many up and coming coaches. 🔥

ATG For Coaches is only a couple years old.

Marcus took the base of it: TOOLS FOR RESULTS, and ran with it.

Now just as ATG itself benefited from technology, that’s being channeled into driving referrals (ATGnearme, which we’ve been coding full time for months now), and the ATG app for ATG influencers OTHER than myself, which is becoming a needed route due to how many ATG coaches are blowing up on social media.

Organization is incredible stuff. It takes time to pay off but it creates a different future.

Additionally, the more products someone can be an affiliate for, the more extra income. The backward treadmills are a huge seller and are solid commissions. All early days in the life cycle of a business. But in-person + online + affiliate for products is creating a solid framework for income.

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