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Success story: Client loses weight and eliminates back pain

Brian Grant, [19/12/2022 16:23]

@Kneesovertoesguy I had a client that started with me about 5-6 months ago and he came to me to just loose weight. So I started with just an assessment and he moved okay but was in pain and told me he delt with this pain all the time in his low back/ QL (as I realized with listening and him pointing to where the pain resided) he said he just knew it was something he couldn’t get rid of and he understands he had to just deal with it. Also would have to wake up and do a monumental amount of stretching after he woke up in the morning because of the pain. I changed up his whole routine and strictly had him get better at everything we do atg wise like sleds, toe raises, the Fhlcalf raises, split squats, back extensions, elephant walks, etc…… and now he has never felt the pain anymore and completely got out of that pain. Also he went from 264 to now 239 in that time span and he has never been happier

Ben Patrick, [19/12/2022 16:26]

Very well done @bgtraining_530

What’s your IG?

Brian Grant, [19/12/2022 16:26]


Ben Patrick, [19/12/2022 16:31]

Now @bgtraining_530 reread and rewrite what you wrote above as professionally as you can. Writing is underrated for getting clients. Doesn’t have to be fancy but does have to show professionalism and care. I always reread and double check what I’m writing.

“He would have to wake up and do a monumental amount of stretching after he woke up…”

I’m not advising anything I would do. No shortcut to professionalism so always work hard on anything you write that is going to be publicly posted. It’s a skill from repetition. Send it back once you’ve done that 🫡

@bgtraining_530 I cannot stress enough that I have no intention of being critical. This is what I do for my own writing. On full articles now I even have an editor double-check, but for years of articles and Instagram posts, etc. I just reread until I’m sure it’s my best work. ✅

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