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Summarizing ATG for the Public


Oh, one other question. Maybe for the main guys Ben @Kneesovertoesguy . I'm not exactly sure what to tell people when they ask me "What's ATG?" I usually talk about Ben and kneesovertoes. I tend to go into weird details that most people aren't that interested in (like athletic range, or the old principle of no knees over toes and how that's wrong). These specific details are what ATG is to me, but how are we summarizing ATG to the public in a blurb or soundbite?


@KendallAB I think any of our Standards videos will best summarize ATG to someone new. Measurable stuff to fix weak or tight links. I’m all-in on Standards from now through 2023 until it’s a worldwide known program. Structural Balance is king. But without foundational Standards people aren’t ready for it.

2023 Standards

2024 Structural Balance

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