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Supporting a friend with a setback.


Just had a friend/client I’ve been working have a setback 😞 he went too hard trying to lift something at his work awkwardly he suspects he pinched his disc. That was on the weekend just gone and I plan to see him this weekend. 

I just explained to him the amount of setbacks I’ve had personally with my own injuries and that progress isn’t linear. I said it’s also a good opportunity for me to show him how much we can still do with the right regressions without working through pain. 

I’d love to hear anyone’s experiences they’ve had working with someone in the same situation. I’m sure there’s fear and doubt there. He trusts the process but I think he’s disappointed he’s hurt himself as we’ve made great progress over the last 3-4 months.


@shanewalkerr the nature of the lower back being in the middle of the body makes it so susceptible to random stuff. That’s why I’m such a believer in trying to bulletproof it. Now get more measurable ABILITY around the spine than ever! It’s the best advice I could give.

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