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Tantrum Kicks and Hamstring Activation

Drake Davis, [12/08/2023 22:03]

Whats the name of that thing where people will put an exercise ball under there heels and kick into it really fast almost like a spasm?

Drake Davis, [12/08/2023 22:09]

ok I found they're called Tantrum Kicks but is anyone here familiar with what the supposed adaptation is? I keep seeing them and I want to understand what they're for

Ben Patrick, [13/08/2023 00:53]

@imDrake757 ATG stays on the side of progressive overload and measurement, wherever possible. I haven’t found such drills necessary for exceptional hamstrings development and bulletproofing. Sprinting itself with gentle, progressive adaptation would be the best “drill” in my opinion, just as I feel the same way about jumping. The drills I see actually lead to LESS results because they deviate attention from what works better. This was my observation as a coach to hundreds of athletes consistently getting outlier results: measurable, progressive overload plus master the sport itself.

Drake Davis, [13/08/2023 01:34]

What drill do you prefer/recommend for "waking up" the hamstrings for explosive movement?

Ben Patrick, [14/08/2023 02:07]

@imDrake757 Ham curls are great because you can start light and warm them up. 🔥

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