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Teaching Group Classes with Kneesovertoesguy

Connor Schmitz, [09/11/2022 00:36]

Question about group classes @Kneesovertoesguy :

I understand the flow of the exercises that you’ve used. I’ve been running an ATG class 3x/week for 6 months now. What I am curious about is how you taught the class. Did you walk everyone through every movement every time? Did you just walk new people through the movements and help assist existing members on their form here and there? I’d like to get a little rundown, and any thoughts you have on this so I can improve my class experience 🙏

Ben Patrick, [09/11/2022 00:57]

Yep, Connor I taught each person but they gradually learn, and with every round starting with sled they’re tired and it gives me some breathing room to then teach what’s next. Then they gradually learn and it gets easier to sharpen form.

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