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Teen athlete seeks advice on stamina

Marco A, [26/01/2023 00:44]

now that I already brought this up. - does anyone have any idea why my stamina/endurance is so BAD? just a bg abt myself (and health) - I’m 15y/o, 6’2”, lean 170lbs, I eat an animal based diet, I sleep 8hrs a day, and I workout 4x per week. 

I don’t do any cardio, so yes, I’m not rlly working to fix the problem. The only reason it’s weird to me is that my stamina is at like a 50y/o heavy cigarette smoker level. It’s BAD.

I used to do boxing, Muay Thai, and soccer and I also had very bad stamina at the time. Like after the age of 10 my stamina starting going downhill

the only explanation the doctors have is that I’m growing too fast for my heart to keep up. (I had blood tests done and an ultrasound on my heart)

Ben Patrick, [26/01/2023 21:56]

1. What sport?

2. How do you make that sport easier relative than other players?

3. Work

Marco you name the sport and I’ll name your route, otherwise it’s a waste of time to discuss. Too many factors. Gotta name the product you are trying to get specifically, then you can create a route and knock off potential hurdles with greater and greater precision.


This doesn’t happen overnight but creates a route. In the Pulse you had a duty to study the routes that have already been paved. Then I have a duty to guide more precisely.

I could look at any sport and help more precisely.

Everyone starts somewhere. Everyone can improve. Without a route, many mysterious failures are waiting. Much less mystery when you get down to the physics of the matter. For example: cycling has commonly made NFL and NBA guys less in shape. It’s steady pace and those sports are short burst. And doesn’t preferentially recruit VMO. For a speed sport you could get more “conditioned” by improving a squat on a slantboard, than more running. Being pound for pound stronger and faster than your opponent is the foundation, then the SPORT. Make me play soccer vs a great player and if I didn’t know better, I’d think I lacked conditioning but so would the soccer player vs me in basketball, and I would both of us vs someone in hockey.

Marco A, [26/01/2023 22:04]

mainly Boxing. But I like basketball as well. 

And I also like running and doing all types of stuff, while being very good at it. 

But to give you an answer it would be boxing.

Ben Patrick, [26/01/2023 22:05]

Right, this is so general…

1. You CAN very happily generally do lots of things

But do them, enjoy it, realize you’re going to probably get exhausted on every single one of them if you try hard, and study the Freak Checklist by Sport.

No matter how hard you try you’d have to have better genetics than Usain Bolt to be the best at multiple events. You answered your own question. In your shoes without ATG knowledge I’d think I lacked conditioning too, if I was generally doing all sorts of very different sports. Just enjoy it and keep increasing strength to bodyweight ratio. 

Competing is a war! The best understand that and go hard and get tired! Sometimes dangerously tired. The only way to guarantee not being brutalized is to not play hard. Imagine a soccer game, it’s impossible to sprint that duration. So you gradually learn and master the game, when to go hard, when not.

In basketball there would be no way to feel as conditioned as a twin brother if hadn’t mastered the game and he did. Because he would know when to use the most energy.

So boxing + basketball + running = just enjoy yourself! Enjoy competing. You’re young. IF you get strong enough you’ll be better conditioned than most, but never as conditioned as possible.

Lack of understanding of conditioning is among the top reasons people see my story but don’t match the results. Rushing to do counterproductive conditioning. The sport is enough. Outside that, physics don’t care. You either make the task easier or not. But nothing is truly needed for world-class conditioning for sports other than sport + resistance training.

Boxing + basketball + running PLUS BIKE = probably less good at all the first 3 you’re already working on. There’s no absolutes but there’s physics and common examples. Such as 100m winners never winning the mile at the Olympics and vice versa. Same with running and bike. 

BUT your goals are YOUR GOALS. You can pursue a dozen different sports for all I care. But there’s a reason this guy can jump into just about anything and crush people… (picture of Zay Vegas and talking about him). Pound for pound all around strongest in ATG history. If we boxed I’d probably feel out of shape. Because I’d be working at higher percent of max to keep up with him.

You could cycle if you wanted to! But just KNOW what makes conditioning, so you don’t have to be too hard on yourself 👍

1. Ease of sport (athleticism + skill, which alone is probably a 10-year process on average to see true potential)

2. Body’s processes adapting to specific sport

Probably something like that. Not “basketball was hard and I can’t jump high therefore I should go for a run and do plyometrics…” = knee pain = poor mechanics = surgery = more out of shape = my life 10+ years ago 👍

Roshni P, [26/01/2023 22:23]

Because your body is conditioned for basketball? And if you start conditioning for boxing your basketball performance would decline?

Ben Patrick, [26/01/2023 22:24]

@radbadx only proven by Olympic sport records. No one wins different events. This indicates how the body adapts to the given demands.

Doesn’t mean you couldn’t be great at lots! Decathletes win Olympic gold medals with scores that don’t even make the Olympics in every single event. This just stats, no opinion. 

It’s amazing how basic math and physics have been so brutally thrown out the door in sports training. Quite fascinating just as I’m sure people are fascinated by the modern education system itself and how poor of a job the government does for our children. So many common sense guaranteed ways to improve. 📈

Hence the need for ATG and people with guts, working on every area where people are suffering with known way to change that. 👍

Duty! Not choice.

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