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The Correlation Between Marketing and Integrity.

Ben Patrick, [27/09/2022 01:47]

Politician is one of the most “paid for not really working” jobs. So politics will always be a magnet for the worst of humanity. It’s a terrible truth.

Now I’m seeing that with marketing. So many amazing companies but they do things right and don’t have massive marketing budgets. So you have a general inverse ratio between the integrity of a company and how well they can market. So the people wind up F***ED hard by so many ads for all the WORST things for us lol!!!! Junk food and extra unnecessary drugs is just a normal TV break being pushed in our faces Throw in a political ad lol! And you’ve got the American scene. And no talking will change that, only massive actions.

The more processed = the more room for profit = the more ability to market

In this day in age it takes single humans have MASSIVE INTEGRITY and creating different games that don’t abide by the usual rules.

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