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The Importance of Long-Range Knee Flexion in Training: Nordic Bench and Ham Curl Machine are Key, Short-Range Exercises are Not Enough.

Sam, [31/12/2022 21:24]

A saw a video of Francis Unganu (probably miss spelled his name terribly) he lays stomach down on the floor and curls a dumbbell with the hammies, the range is limited. Seems safe and should get good blood flow though

Ben Patrick, [31/12/2022 21:35]

Not worthless but not good enough and would worsen system because Nordic already works the long range, and much harder. Ham curl machine allows working the short range. I think we will have to design a solution, not too small not too big. Measurable, ultra stable for any client to feel secure. This is why I haven’t added anything to ATG for knee flexion other than Nordic and ham curl machine. Better to wait for something on par with rest of system before adding.

“Drills” are my enemy. As a natural shit athlete, anything that doesn’t allow pushing at 100%, safely, and measurably… is your enemy. The MonkeyFoot concept for knee flexion has potential, but is an enemy compared to Nordic or ham curl machine.

All the feedback still helps, even if illuminating that a more commonly-known home knee flexion solution needs to exist.

Nordic bench isn’t “cheap” but is well under $1000, easily portable. Ham curl machine is gym staple but not easy to work with for most home gyms.

But the reason my jump and knee changes were so pronounced is I stopped doing drills. Only measurable stuff on the order of bench, squat, deadlift… but for more key areas.

@EdwinBona, [31/12/2022 21:40]

I've just been using a ghd for Nordics that I got locally for about $550 cad. If you stack some padding high enough you can create a flat bench out of it

Ben Patrick, [31/12/2022 21:40]

Yep GHR is a legit piece of equipment, It shift pressure away from knee to hip. So it’s a good balanced knee-hip workout. How to use it for knee flexion is gone over in detail, with visual, in most recent Nordic video:

4:35 mark shows how to use GHR ATG-style

Ben Patrick, [31/12/2022 21:45]

(About the lying hamstring dumbbell curls)

This is an important teaching point though. As a coach you should understand short range and long range. When knee is bent, there is no load, when knee is extended there’s progressively more load, just like a Nordic. So this looks cool but is pathetic. A recipe to stay weak and slow and fragile. Every muscle on that guy’s body is jacked - regardless of what exercise he does. A simple Nordic eccentric would do far more than that dumbbell exercise, hence why it would make ATG worse.

Anyways that’s why a simple Nordic bench is something that’s been a huge part of ATG. So accessible yet you can build world class long-range knee flexion strength. Whereas other drills someone would be similar strength at year 5 as year 1, no transformation.

Nordic + 45-degree Back Extension were much easier to work with. We used them like an assembly line at the OG and lifted the front of the Nordic bench on boxes to create regression. Assembly line of posterior gains at any level. Powerful adaptation. No drills.

Someone can add drills but I’d rather do less and master the key functions. At the OG pro athletes and house moms chased the same perfect rep, at their own level.

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