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The Importance of Purpose in Training

Ben Patrick, [28/08/2022 21:45]

I once had 15 different jump programs. I shot over 2000 private videos before I pursued kneesovertoesguy on social media. Don’t underestimate the power of reps.

These days people are actually able to blow up way faster than I did. There wasn’t TikTok and Reels where you could blow up fast. Totally different algorithms back then.

Anyways, 2000+ videos with INTENT before I pursued attention. Just obsessed with becoming the best coach I could be. I believed with Poliquin's background and my own life staying IN the trenches as an athlete, that I could become the best trainer in the world and the rest would fall into place... So even today I am still working at being the best trainer I can be.

Much like any of the top NBA players all believe they're the best, I work in a way that I firmly believe I'm the best trainer alive. Meaning if you gave me 10 Olympians of various sports, I as part of some kind of trainer game show, I think my athletes would do the best. I think every trainer in this chat should pursue that level of mastery.

My own journey just took a shift when I realized it mattered more to me that my parents were able to exercise and be healthy, than helping an NBA player go from a 6 to 16 car garage. He'll be fine at 6. He has enough bitches. I mean my life changed forever after a conversation I overheard. Now I've worked with some of the top athletes and they are awesome people, but I really do not give a FUCK if they go from $50 million to $100 million. I would rather hear back from a client who now can hike with their family.

But I still believe if you chase competence, the rest will fall into place. Just trust me that money and attention aren't the things that really make you fulfilled. Those are part of the process. Not the whole pie. I can honestly say on a personal level I was happier for example back in the gym with Keegan in 2020. Now I have kids and that's a new level of happiness. But follower count and bank account etc are just aspect of life and NOT the leading aspects.

On Joe Rogan's podcast he said it best to me which is that you should have enough money not to be stressed about money.

As a trainer you should EAT UP Ben Clarfield's basics on personal trainer finances, because I see the messages back from guys who are now making way more money! And their clients are happy!

So I have nothing against money, nothing against follower count, but just know that if you chase those things thinking those will make you fulfilled, you might actually feel worse because of the letdown. I now personally know many extremely successful and depressed people. Because the whole time they were grinding, they assumed the end goal would lead to fulfillment. So they were happy the whole time they were grinding. Then they reached their goal and BOOM, they wound up depressed in the aftermath because they didn't realize they wouldn't just eternally be fulfilled at that point.

So don't set up end goals. Set up goals, for sure. But get a good grasp of what in your life is really the leading cause of your happiness.

Anyways to conclude my rant above, find a PURPOSE. Goals are cool. Goals are what you want. Purpose is why you want it. And realize your purpose can change, your purpose can evolve and that's okay. But keep purpose your leading factor and keep how you treat others high. Those are my big 1 and 2 per my last podcast. Purpose and treating YOURSELF and others with respect and you'll be in the upper 1%.

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