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The Importance of Seated Calf Workouts

Geoff Reed, [11/09/2023 02:10]

I’ve been using this one recently too with great results since I finally got a Seated calf machine.

I’m realizing seated calf is very underrated. All the KOT calf work I was doing isn’t the same.

Ben Patrick, [11/09/2023 02:23]

Geoff seated calf is a tricky one. Here’s why… Soleus is so strong! So, without a machine to load, the soleus can lag behind when other lifts like squats improve.

Standing + KOT works great. Seated calf machines definitely allow simplest loading to failure, and progressive overload. I’m still working on home solution for seated calf machine. Like how Tib bars DO allow perfect loading in a minimal piece of equipment

The original ATG was basically 2 squat racks, a Nordic bench, and a seated calf machine. It’s amazing how much you can progressive overload the whole body with just those, if you really think about it. Knee flexion and Soleus seem to be the toughest to progressive overload without equipment of some sort.

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