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The Importance of Tempo and Sled Workouts for Older Clients

Ben Patrick, [28/06/2023 21:16]

Another great session at ATGHQ this morning. Lots of older clients have been visiting.

Key takeaway is that a challenging movement such as an ATG split squat, can be quite therapeutic if you slow it down, use pauses, etc. TEMPO is a huge factor when it comes to strength-through-length moves.

Also, these older clients have been getting big-time workouts on the sled. Sled is king for getting people into motion.

Pauses, slow tempo down, even slow tempo UP.

Mark Mammoser, [28/06/2023 21:18]

tempo is immensely overlooked!

my client was asking me about the tempo i wrote for his exercises and i explained it to him. clicked right away with him

as an athlete its crucial to spend enough time under tension, to create new adaptations and develop strength in new ranges 🤝🏼

Ben Patrick, [28/06/2023 21:18]

Yep, huge weapon! Good job @MarkMammoser

One more takeaway from today… Pushing a sled forward can actually be easier for some folks than backward, because when you push you can balance and lean your weight on the sled. Backward takes more stability.

Meanwhile, we have the backward treadmill here at HQ, and that has rails. So someone very old might be safest to go:

1. Backward treadmill till quads are working right (VMOs engaging, pumped)

2. Forward sled for more exhausting cardio, leg drive

3. Whatever other exercises are in the session

For example, a full Knee Ability session could be: Backward sled/treadmill, then forward sled, then step up, then split squat. That could get a lot of results.

*To clarify, I’m referring to older clients, but any scalability concepts can still apply even at high levels.

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