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The Importance of Training Breathing Muscles.


Cardio strengthens the cardiovascular system, the heart. Improving your ability to pump higher volumes of blood to the working muscles. Most don’t consider the 10lbs of muscle responsible for ventilation when thinking about improving endurance. 

Weak breathing muscles are responsible for a condition called metaboreflex. This is when the breathing muscles become fatigued and the brain goes into survival mode. Causing the blood supply to be pulled from the extremities to prioritize breathing. Commonly referred to as blood stealing and associated with legs and arm feeling like bricks. This where “brick” training in endurance sports comes from. This is why it’s important to train breathing muscles separately from other training modalities like strength and cardio.


For me, basketball is incredibly effective cardio… 

The subject today was cardio for sport. If I was going to try something further, it would be breath work. Because that wouldn’t take away from strength and athletic efforts. A 100 meter sprinter and 1 mile runner could each do breath work. But a 100 meter gold medalist sprinter couldn’t even compete in the mile, and a gold medalist mile runner couldn’t even compete in the 100!

ATG + Sport is my personal combination and I prefer to stay on the essentials. I’m already winning. But as I said, breath work makes the most sense to me if someone wanted to add more.

Good thing we have Jason ( @painfreelifeguy ) who understands and applies that subject. He’s an incredible coach.

If I want to learn something, I prefer learning it from an ATG Coach because I already know there is a common sense way of thinking.

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