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The Power of Long-Term, Measurable Training

Ben Patrick, [05/11/2022 21:15]

Martin St Louis, ass to grass squats, amazing at Nordics, etc. Best at Nordics in his gym of 26 pro hockey players



Also Martin:


-Stanley Cup Champ!

-OLDEST player in history to lead league in scoring, at 37 years old

Meanwhile, Jonathan Edwards was a twig, but did Nordics once a week for like 20 years and broke the world record in triple jump. His world record still stands. And his genetics were so bad the British orthopedic specialists said he should not even pursue triple jump. Genetically impossible to compete. World record still stands. But don’t expect any other triple jumpers to do it once a week for very long.

Imagine getting faster and faster in your 30s… while the other competitors who used to beat you retire, you keep getting faster! Edwards approach speed was the fastest in high jump history. But he didn’t even crack the top 20 at the Olympics. He just kept getting a little faster. 4 OLYMPICS LATER he won gold!

I’m not aware of any other triple jumper who even lasted that long. Point is… It’s just one exercise. And a Nordic is just one way of training knee flexion.

Stefan Holm was known for his hamstring curls and deep squats. No evidence of other high jumpers doing deep squats. They all stop short because it’s “not a jump”. As an ATG Coach we can think with clarity. We can use inspiration from the past. But we can think with all tools present and the individual client.

Still doesn’t hurt though, to know these stories of those who beat the odds. It’s proves it IS possible. But they all shared a LONG TERM, MEASURABLE route.

Have a great weekend. My Nordic Bench just arrived from Sorinex lol. Pray for my hamstrings this week 😂🙏

Tom Platz was doing heavy weighted KOT/Sissy Squats. And had the best squat ever basically. 500 pounds for 23 reps ass to grass, smooth as butter. Ultra-juiced pro bodybuilder… But still squatting strong in his 60s. While the knees behind toes folks are barely moving now. Very interesting stuff. Tom Platz legs were basically like ATG for bodybuilding. He also instinctively did negative accentuated hamstring curls. Tom Platz was ATG For Bodybuilding before ATG existed.

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