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The Purpose of Measurable Strength Training

Ben Patrick, [21/06/2022 21:05]

The Purpose of an ATG Coach

I saw a post on Instagram today from a trainer doing battle ropes while doing a banded lateral drill calling it a full brain workout. And I don’t hate it. “Hate” isn’t the right word. I don’t “believe” in it strongly enough to use my time on it. We don’t have infinite time. Would I rather do battle ropes and banded lateral drills than sit on the couch for the rest of my life? Absolutely. But what I believe in using my time for is:

Measurable strength increase (or preservation as we age) through ranges of motion which deliver my body greater protection and ability than the norm.

I also believe in sled to stoke the heart, etc. with minimal negative effects and maximum positive ones. It still has many facets of measurement. So would I hate on an ATG Coach for ADDING other things? Absolutely not. But my role in the fitness system is to help people master this subject of measurable strength increase or preservation through ranges of motion which deliver uncommon levels of protection and ability.

PS. I think my brain gets stoked big-time when I play my sport, or just by being a dad. Or maybe even by keeping it simple and getting 2% stronger next week. Maybe staying the course is making my brain stronger for real life, than trying to entertain my brain.

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