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The Role of Primary Care Physicians

Brian Ziegler, [08/08/2023 02:44]

Here's my take (that nobody asked for)

Primary care physicians are trained to be the ultimate generalist in the medical field. As a gross generalization, they're best at recognizing the signs and symptoms of disease and prescribing medication to address these signs and symptoms. They're not dieticians; they spend maybe a week learning about food and diet. Far from what I'd consider "educated" on a topic. They're not nephrologists, hepatologists, physiologists, endocrinologists, or orthopedists. This means they're not experts at interpreting or commenting on kidneys, livers, physiologic proceses, hormones, or musculoskeletal conditions.

They are good at recognizing the signs of when something isn't going right and referring to the appropriate specialist. Primary care physicians are the traffic cops of the medical industry.

Now, there are exceptional PCPs out there that have taken the time to become very good at understanding many of the sub-specialties, so don't take this to mean that all physicians don't know what they're talking about.

Regarding your lab values, PCPs are good at interpreting them and being able to have a conversation about what they mean and how certain life and diet choices can change them.

But does the average PCP understand that humans need 1gram of protein per pound of body weight? probably not. Many, at least in the united states, follow the ADA guidelines.

Does the average PCP understand what exogenous creatine looks like on a complete metabolic panel? probably not. Many likely think your kidneys are fucked because your 5 grams of creatine are elevating your creatinine levels.

I can't give you advice regarding what to do here. Personally, I wouldn't change my diet. I'd actually want to see what my supplementation routine does to my lab values because even if I did hop off them for the blood test, I'm hopping right back on it as soon as I return home from the lab!

Ben Patrick, [09/08/2023 03:36]

@TheATGClinician you deserve a medal. And… KEEP WRITING!!!!!!!

Do not underestimate the amount of people in this chat who will have a million followers OR make a million bucks selling life changing BOOKS, etc.

You have a duty to help. And you do it so well. But your writing must live on in written form for future readers. 🔥

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