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Tips for Increasing Referrals and Growth

Lucas Miner, [13/07/2023 20:19]

Hey Team! Im Looking for referral verbiage you have used with past/ current clientele. I’m seeing a lot of wins, getting great feedback, and getting written testimonials from clients but just not getting the volume of referrals that allows for real growth. I’m just now getting serious about regular marketing (primarily socials) as well so hoping that time investment pays off in the future. Any advice helps!

Ben Patrick, [14/07/2023 04:20]

Lucas great job on the results. will absolutely increase referrals. Launch ETA August. But that’s just one aspect...

Offering first session free worked great when ATG was an in-person gym. That’s one tip. My main advice would be to make yourself known in your area. Get out there. Network and get the word out every way you possibly can.

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