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Tips for Managing Burnout and Growing a Coaching Business

Jeff@BarbellPerformancecoaching, [27/11/2022 12:41]

Hey ATG Fam, I have a few questions for you. How do you approach feeling burnt out? Sometimes I think I'm going crazy - I have a family, gym owner, and am a Strength Coach at the same time.

Do any of you use a Template form for program design? I am currently programming everyone separately but I have 60+ semi private clients and it's kicking my ass, and the volume of people could be affecting the quality of programs

Ben what Brain supplements do you recommend?

Also curious about hiring people, I am having a hard time finding coaches that care as much as you guys.

Ben Patrick, [27/11/2022 21:53]

Jeff@BarbellPerformanceCoaching first off, well done on all that you’re tackling… To me the secret to management is essentially:

1. Identifying where you lose the most time.

2. How well you can train someone else…

If I couldn’t train people to be on the level I am as a coach, then I wouldn’t have been able to expand… So in those two points you can also see where people go wrong:

1. Hiring for areas you really don’t need

2. Not adequately training your replacement (and continuing to do so!)

If you can train someone to be on your level, then they can make good income as well, and you can shift to more of a management role (as gradually as you see fit). Additionally, without 3-4 LEGIT sources of income you may be far from what you could be profiting. As a gym owner this can be different services in your gym, supplements, etc. I don’t know what all these answers will be for you.

1 and 2 above were good enough for me to pay $25/hour minimum wage and have that increasing and most staff receiving yearly raises… But to continue to expand I have to have more sources of income.

Ben Clarfield also is a master of PRICING which factors in. For ATG I chose to keep my price low but identify where I lose my time, train people to coach just as well as I can, and expand to 3-4 sources of income so I can continue staff pay increase (which is as far as it can go with our same online price and service)

Jeff@BarbellPerformanceCoaching also don’t underestimate how gradual that can be… You could start mastering a faster way of programming, and start training one trainer and gradually save yourself more time.

Eric Williams, [28/11/2022 00:39]

Do you happen to recall how many online subscribers you had when you enlisted the help of your first coach?

I should clarify, online coaching members (rather than like social media followers or something)

Ben Patrick, [28/11/2022 04:04]

Eric good question. I believe it was more than 50 but less than 200. I don’t recall exactly. Had to be somewhere in that range. I had too much in-person demand. Word of mouth based on results. So I made my priorities:

1. Pros

2. Online

As I worked my way up in both, I found more joy from helping people get back to what they love, for a low price, than I did from training already-rich athletes.

Covid hit and I used it as an excuse to shut my gym down and fully pursue online and spreading the word on ATG. I easily could have kept my gym going. Turns out I like working with regular folk more than elite athletes…

Eric Williams, [28/11/2022 04:07]

about to release my wrist/elbow/shoulder program tonight so a bit jittery! I don't expect I'll get 50 overnight (good problem to have...) but definitely going to use that as a barometer to not get overwhelmed if people dig what I am putting out

Ben Patrick, [28/11/2022 04:08]

Oh that’s awesome. Well Eric here’s some realistic stuff from my recollection…

I didn’t have more than 50 clients in year 1. So really, breaking through was the toughest for me in terms of online sales. Right, it only started with people I had already trained… So I had maybe 8 clients. Like kids I trained who now were in college or whatever… Relentless social media work got it to the 50 range… Then I had to turn the work ethic into actual competence. To this day, I still keep my weekly stats. Before pandemic it was already pretty big, which is why once it hit I knew I needed to fully devote myself to it. Like over 1000 clients pre-pandemic but to this day I keep weekly stats of all my social media, and chart it on graphs. Haven’t missed a week since 50 clients. Wife and I got married in Sydney Australia Oct 18 2018… Only 50 clients. We took a small boat, 15 people, on the harbor and got married. Captain of boat was one of those 50 people. The odds of this are nearly impossible. We thought we were being pranked or something. Sheer coincidence. But it made me realize what a big world was out there, outside my gym walls. So when I got back, I got serious, and haven’t missed a week since. It’s become part of our identity. Everyone on staff keeps weekly stats for their post.

So this far in, I STILL have pressure on my back to produce. Just as if I’m still a rookie. Yep so to recap Eric:

1. Don’t sweat the start. It can be horrifying to launch something and see no sales, but that’s basically what happened for me.

2. Get RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Problems with a biz usually stem from lack of results. So you may have to tailor your price to getting people to try it and start.

3. I offered free calls to anyone until I couldn’t…

Then I offered free calls IF people signed up… Then I couldn’t even afford the time for that.

Basically, gaining momentum can be achieved with enough dedication. Then it’s a matter of the program producing results.

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