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Tips for Training Client with Sciatica Pain

Max Weiner, [10/06/2023 16:16]

Starting to train my client for level 1 cert, she says she has sciatica pain, had herniated disc years ago and chronic lower back pain since. Any tips where to start and how to relieve this pain? Thanks🙏😁

Ben Patrick, [10/06/2023 16:18]

Max, loads of regressions in here. Also loads of articles on this subject recently. Recap article:

And Max… SLED!!!!! The reason… Sled makes you stronger in ankles, knees, hips, burns fat, builds strength, improves circulation.

I still believe the 6-football field average of sled is the foundation of why people at ATG wind up getting insane results. Everyone gets much fitter, jumpers jump higher, grandmas get stronger. 

Back problem? SLED LIKE A MOFO!

Injuries and pains may have a HIDDEN damage… Lack of activity, sled solves this.

Max Nelson, [10/06/2023 16:33]

Also DOMS can create a weird hazy sciatica feeling so note how much it takes to get her kinda sore, not sore, really sore, etc. kinda sore is the sweet spot. And sled of course⬆️⬆️⬆️

Ben Patrick, [10/06/2023 16:33]

Great point… no DOMs from sled. This doesn’t mean it’s an end-all tool… But it’s awesome that any fragile client can get WORKING, HARD. The body can then heal and strengthen overall, even with a fragile point. The fragile point can heal faster and the surrounding areas can protect it better.

Sled foundation, full range for bulletproofing and athletic breakthroughs, uncommon strength in the little stuff that holds the body together, for best overall results (rotators, knee flexion, etc.).

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