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Tips for Training with Knee Pain


Hey y'all, so i keep over training my left knee. When i train i feel a slight discomfort, like a .05 out 5 on the pain scale that goes away as the joint warms up. I've been trying to be really intentional, I've regressed atg split squats to elevated, i did VMO squats no weight last night with only slight pain in the first couple reps, and would feel even better if i put more emphasis on pushing through the left leg, i did notice in some mobility work last night that my left ankle had a bit less mobility. This morning my knee is quite irritated, the pain is coming from inside and behind the knee. What should i do? Super regress everything? No VMO squats, no atg squats? Just reverse step up and reverse walk, calf raises and tib raises for leg days? No long range movements?


Chris for me the ATG Split Squat and Poliquin Step Up are what made squats feel best then on two legs… When there is a difference between knees, there are further tips though.

If I was going to have someone do squats on two legs, with an imbalance of pain present, I would use very slow eccentrics. Super slow down ass to grass squats have seemed to work well even with an imbalance. Look, squats are the “king” of exercises, but my journey has been more with single leg work. More tips:

Split squat THEN squat. Sometimes this gets things firing really right. Flossing the worse knee before squats can also help a ton. But mainly I just patiently work toward an even squat feeling on each side before worrying about squats

My overall opinion:

Most knees need years of adaptation to reverse step ups, full range of motion split squats, and hamstring training, and with those zones alone you can make world-class results. And if you can work squats in and win with them, there may be even more results available!

The ATG Lunge is also another layer beyond the ATG Split Squat, that is still working toward balance between sides. In fact, it mimics a squat pattern more than a split squat

1. More basics

2. Slow eccentrics on squats

3. Flossing before squats

4. ATG Lunges

All great stuff! Use all in moderation for best results I think.

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