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Tools For Wrist Work

Geoff Reed, [12/09/2023 14:13]

Anyone have a recommendation for tools/exercises to use for wrist and forearm strength for baseball players? Ben

Ben Patrick, [12/09/2023 21:59]

Geoff do you have a wrist bar yet? To me that’s #1 by far. 

I feel everything else crucial can be done with dumbbells. After a wrist bar, I’d ask Ben Clarfield what he recommends.

Pronation/supination and external rotators have been GOLD for baseball elbows and shoulders, like literally worth gold for them.

And Geoff please report back what Ben C says other than pronation-supination is terms of importance.

Data is everywhere. Actual hierarchy of importance of days is scarce.

Pronation/supination has been my go-to. A #2 doesn’t jump to my mind. So I’d like to know what he says. Thanks!

Drake Davis, [12/09/2023 14:36]

-That rice bucket drill that @emersonpavezzi shared

-pipe like Austin mentioned or the atg wrist bar for all the directional flexion and extension work

-grippers like Captains of Crush, gradually working up to bodyweight for athletes I believe?

-pair gripper work with the little extensor bands where you open your hand against resistance 

-zottman curl

Ben Patrick, [12/09/2023 22:03]

@imDrake757 great advice. Rice does seem like a “sled” for wrist.

I personally then think of Zottman curls as eccentric knee flexion. We used rice at the original ATG

And had… Grippers, rolling Thunder, block grips, wrist rollers. But my go-to was the Wrist Bar aka Thor’s Hammer. Wrist Bar + Zottman I felt have significant adaptation to more bulletproof wrists and elbows. But I didn’t have a strong feeling beyond that.

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