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Training After ACL Tear: Patience and Progression

Nick Ollie, [26/06/2023 20:02]

Hey, who would I DM for advice on how to train someone who’s coming off of an acl tear who’s currently bending their torn knee at about 120 degrees? I want to make sure that I am aiding their recovery process properly so that they can get back playing competitively (football) by mid September.

Ben Patrick, [26/06/2023 20:40]

Nick on a personal note, by advice is to be patient and then get the client MORE ability than they had previously.

There’s this big ego about “got athlete back to sport in 6 months” and that is FINE, that is good, but if you really think about the big picture, what will matter more to the career is getting them to a level of ability beyond what they had previously.

You might expect ATG to have ambitious rehab protocols but actually my approach would be the opposite: patiently build to FAR GREATER levels than the norm, for a better career and rest of life.

Hope that helps. 🫡

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