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Training End Range Motion While Injured


Hope everyone had a merry Christmas this past weekend/yesterday! Question regarding range of motion: is it okay to still train the extreme/end range of motion of your flexibility even if it’s injured/aggravated?

So I recently re-aggravated my upper hamstring/lower glutes recently while working on my flexibility. I made some huge flexibility gains and I don’t want to lose them so easily. My thought process was I should still be able to train the end ROM as long as the intensity/weight is low and work my way back up with higher intensity. Is that a good way to approach the situation? Or should I regress back to smaller range of motion and work my way up?



1. Pushing flexibility too hard is a very common cause of hamstring and groin issues.

2. The fact I have maintained a decent front splits year after year with not only so little stretching, but split squat and RDL just once every 1-2 weeks, shows the power of STRENGTH through length.

So whatever area you are aggravating, I think strength through length, gently built, could pave a better way to whatever flexibility goals you’re trying to achieve.

With hams and hip flexors for front split it’s very simple. For middle split I still don’t know what’s actually the safest route.

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