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Training for Single-Leg Exercises

Areeb Ahmed, [03/12/2022 00:28]

Hey can anybody here do either a single-leg nordic, single-leg reverse nordic, or a single-leg kot squat? Anything specific you did to train for it?

Ben Patrick, [03/12/2022 02:47]

@Areebra I’ve never seen any of them with what I would call… good-looking form… I’ve a done a single leg Nordic but I didn’t feel it was worth it. HOWEVER, elevated bench single leg actually had some productive sessions. It could be done but my guess on any of those with good form single-leg:

1. Decade of ATG training

2. No upper body lol!

Simple math a single leg Nordic or single leg sissy squat will be easier with lighter upper which for sprinting doesn’t actually work out. For high jump it does. Stefan Holm, etc. tiny upper bodies. But in speed or in pro team sports you want at the very least a strong upper body pound for pound. Adan Lopez has the best looking single-leg Nordic I’ve seen.

Due to the room for momentum from the hips out of the bottom, myself and Adan and quite a few others can do it. It’s more a test of hip explosion and used to be one of our “world class” requirements. I have it on video from that video series but after a lot of experience, it was more of a test than a training exercise. But by elevating the front end of the end, you can scale a single leg Nordic with excellent results It’s almost like elite Olympic weightlifting for the hamstrings lol. But I think there’s a lot to be gained from REALLY mastering bodyweight flat bench first. Perhaps like 12 amazing reps. Like how Poliquin made dips and chins minimum 12 reps amazing form. I’m guessing less injuries and more actual gain from getting from 5 to 12 strict flat bench Nordics, than from adding load or working single leg. Perhaps once 12 easy with epic form, advancement becomes more helpful. Advancement options would mean:

1. Single leg

2. Load

3. Decline

Posterior Chain Conclusion:

Nordic > Seated GM > RDL > Back Extension over a 2-week period is my gut instinct as to the best rotation… And if you have a hamstring curl machine, I would add that to the rotation, perhaps before RDL (since after RDLs hams can stay sore so long. Poliquin often used ham curl machine followed by RDL). So I don’t actually think Nordic is more magical than the others in the rotation, however:

It’s particularly big for protecting against knee injuries. It’s particularly ACCESSIBLE.

And it’s particularly RESULTS-PRODUCING because you really can’t cheat effort and adaptation on it. Even fighting down you WORK, whereas with a lot of other methods you could just coast and not actually produce adaptation.

Tom Platz did ham curl machine and used partner to rip down the eccentrics! So perhaps that’s the ultimate! But it’s also awesome I can chase the perfect Nordic and adapt a ton from my garage with a Nordic bench, or even chase the perfect eccentric and adapt with just a NordStick.

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