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Training for Specific Muscle Growth with ATG

Ahmad Farhan Mohd Fuad, [28/05/2023 11:24]

Does anyone have any tips for potential clients that want you. But not because of ATG. More because they want specific muscles to be bigger.

For example. Bigger glutes and just the glutes.

How would you plan for them? While using the ATG concept and exercises.

I really don't like accepting these clients, mostly because past experience. But I feel like I need to learn how to train them based on ATG style. It is still an opportunity.

Philip Ha, [28/05/2023 14:25]

Couple insights:

1. Always good to focus on what your speciality knowledge is. Whatever problem you’re great at solving you should try to stick to that core as much as possible. Also, if you prefer not to take on those types of clients, it’s better to refer them to someone else.

2. It’s definitely good to know and learn how hypertrophy works. At its simplest, you work hypertrophy with higher rep counts and caloric surplus. ATG principles also apply heavily since hypertrophy you want to work full ROM for maximal effect.

But hypertrophy again is very diet dependent. And if the prospect/lead is asking to become as big as like Olympia style bodybuilders, then it’s pretty unrealistic without some use of enhancements. And if they don’t wanna use enhancements, it would take MANY years to really grow more in size.

My big thing is always being transparent with people. Doesn’t mean to come off as a jerk, but steering people to the right direction.

Also really helps to understand WHY they want something in particular. More shallow the why, then more difficult to work with the client as well.

Ben Patrick, [28/05/2023 14:35]

Great points @UnlockedPhilogic

Full squats, FULL lunges (rarely used, super effective), Deadlifts at all ranges, Seated Goodmornings, Back Extensions. You can make an outstanding glutes program with ATG, while still improving mobility and joint and spine protection.

Adding dumbbells at sides continues to increase gains from these (In this program we did 100 steps, hence bodyweight). Glutes will be sore when done right. Not a beginner move. It’s a dynamic split squat so ATG split squat mastery determines ATG Lunge results.

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