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Training for Sports in Different Planes


Question @Kneesovertoesguy: I have done Zero and Dense for almost 2 years now although some times more strict and others doing ATG stuff in between other work. I do keep having issues arising  with my knees e.g. when doing martial arts training (kicking, sparring, throwing (think judo style) etc). That made me wonder that we train in the ATG system predominantly our legs in the Coronal (frontal) plane. This makes sense of course for quite a number of reasons (most of normal action takes place in that plane, it most easily measured in types of loads and exercises etc). But in many sports like basketball, football (which some people still call soccer 😄) and also tennis, golf etc there is a lot of movement occurring in the hips, legs, knees, ankles etc with sometimes large forces also in the Sagittal and Transverse planes. 

How can I make sure I address these well enough too when training myself or my clients?


AJ 2 years is a great start. The step ups, split squats, and slantboard squats should lead to increase of strength in full squats, as well as Nordics. The way the knee works, and the way gravity work, leads to the most productive strength training. I have seen the results too first hand to alter it. You can add anything you like! Additionally, my results in basketball and football speak for themselves, but someone in YOUR SPORT needs to get those same results. RESULTS will lead the way.

To continue:

1. What is your bodyweight?

2. Send video of your full squat. From there we can keep looking at how you can get more bulletproof.

Also, I’ve been using these methods to varying degrees for 12 years. Not 2. So that is another major difference.

Kevin is an example of someone with much more reality on LIVING an ATG program for jiu jitsu AJ. The G in ATG is what made ATG, so it’s better for me to point you in the right directions than guess myself. Ben Clarfield also has a lot of jiu jitsu / jiu jitsu coaching experience. I always believe someone with my ATG experience + specific sport experience can do it better than I can.

1. I think an ATG coach should be able to help any athlete above the norm.

2. I do think there is extra magic in ATG plus love and experience with specific sport. This includes scheduling.

The reason I got extra deep in football is I did all the work for my NFL guy Leonard Johnson, my first pro client. I traveled with him to games. I was the one playing quarterback for him in the off season throwing till my arm hurt. So there’s a lot more to my football story. Basketball for sure is my #1. Football #2. Everything else I don’t feel integrity with making programs for.

This is an example on the app, by 2 coaches who LIVE volleyball (picture of the app and volleyball programs). To me, that’s the future of ATG.

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