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Training for Vertical Jump and Sprinting Speed

Ferenc Hegyközi, [03/06/2023 17:22]

Hey guys. If I want to increase my vertical jump and sprinting speed, should I incorporate jumping and sprinting on a regular basis, while also doing the ATG exercises. I think it’s a yes of course but how many times and how much of them. Thanks.

Ben Patrick, [03/06/2023 19:31]

Ferenc tomorrow I’ll be all-out sprinting + jump balance. We’ve had great success once a week stimulating the body for greater speed and jump gains. These are subjects within themselves. We will film Jump Balance as a subject.

Sled, Sprint, Jump, would be a classic ATG flow for speed and jump gain. All with full recoveries, gradually ramping, once per week is enough. Let the tissues adapt over time.

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