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Training Grip on Rest Days for Better Health

Drake Davis, [07/06/2023 00:54]

I saw someone post on IG about how training grip is a great way to get training in when you're sick. Would y'all train grip on rest days? Any info on that?

Ben Patrick, [07/06/2023 01:16]

Sure. So is anything in moderation. So is grip when you’re not sick lol!

At ATGHQ the dumbbells are double thickness so every day is grip day lol! Stronger grip is great, sick or not. Best is to have a strong grip and never get sick.

Sickness hasn’t caused me to miss a workout in many years. Definitely since before I went on social media. So that social media tip won’t help me much. Best to learn principles rather than random tips, and yes, it’s a great principle to have a strong grip. 👍🔥

By the same example: ankles are also great to train when low on energy. Zero lower leg trifecta so easy and productive.

Sam, [07/06/2023 02:06]

Any tips on not getting sick? 😂😂🙏

Ben Patrick, [07/06/2023 02:15]

Hahaha! The best thing I’ve seen work is just not having a choice. 😂🤷‍♂️

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