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Training Hams with Nordics and Back Extensions

Morgen Grady, [07/03/2023 04:39]

I want to improve my nordics drastically, I have been thinking atleast 5 x 5 eccentric focused every day of training for 3 weeks should really help. But is possible? Or would I hit a wall? How would YOU tackle this- just 3 times a week?

Ben Patrick, [07/03/2023 05:07]

Nordic, Back Extension, Ham Curl, RDL. Is a possible way to train hams 4x per week without overtraining. That’s what we’ve been doing on ATG Shred: short range, long range, hams as knee flexors, hams as hip extensors = 4.

However, eccentric Nordic seems much less tweaky than concentric. I’ve done near-daily Nordics, 3 x 5 or so. Because for videos and client demos I wound up often doing them daily. I LIVED lol. I think most of this stuff comes down to listening to your body. Someone can usually tell when something is starting to tweak. And if not making any changes, well it can turn into more.

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