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Training Posterior Chain: Frequency and Variety

Samuel Gerencser, [30/04/2023 03:30]

Would eccentric nordics 2x per week and back extensions 3x per week be too much load on the posterior chain. Or not that bad as Nordics are long range knee flexion and back extensions are short range hip extension?

Ben Patrick, [30/04/2023 03:48]

So, theoretically anything can be done daily, but the human body simply works by adapting to micro damage in many cases, such as exercise. I’m sure that could be worded better. But the point is, anything more frequently would have more chance of error…

This is why it’s great to understand layers of training. Nordics have intense eccentric (damage) so more often gets riskier. Back extensions probably safer more often. But here’s real world experience… If wanting to train posterior more often, use more variety: Ham curls, Seated GMs, RDLs, etc. Rather than same exercises over and over.

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