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Training Tips for Weak Knees

Samantha Thompson, [27/05/2023 17:29]

Started a new client (my first ATG client) on Thursday. We did day 1 of zero knee. She is missing ligament on the exterior of her right knee from a surgery 15+ years ago to prevent her knee cap from pulling out of place. 

Today she is experiencing tightness in her legs and lack of stability in the knee. 

Any suggestions?

Ben Patrick, [27/05/2023 18:03]

Samantha probably sore from the session too:

Sled is king for gentle beginnings. Without correct ATG sled work, the levels have to be extra gentle  and gradual and understood, to train someone with weak knees. Extra extra extra gentle if no sled, and a beginner.

Samantha Thompson, [27/05/2023 18:09]

Yes, she is very new to working out and extremely weak joints. 

We did backward walking for day 1 and an 8” step for split squats. 

Should we do a short session to get blood pumping and then do Day 2 stretches to help relieve some of the pain for now? 

Maybe reduce rep counts or number of movements as we proceed?

Ben Patrick, [27/05/2023 18:11]

Exactly, no such thing as too regressed, and can mix in some Back Ability work to still give her a fuller session. The Back Ability mobility work for the hips also can make the knees feel better. 

To recap thoughts for fragile beginners: sled, regressions, SLOWER tempos, more flexibility work, hamstrings.

Here’s a beginner Zero hamstring drill that works great:

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