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Training with DOMS: To Wait or Not?

Samuel Gerencser, [07/06/2023 12:38]

Hey all, what is the general consensus for training with DOMS to optimise recovery and new tissue growth. Would it be more optimal to wait until there are no DOMS present at all before training a particular muscle group or still ok to train when it has mostly past yet still present?

Ben Patrick, [07/06/2023 13:29]

@SamuelGez that’s a great question. I think a program schedule could generally cover this, such as rotating what areas are being trained. That being said, I haven’t seen a problem with training over DOMs if someone is new and wants to keep going. Two examples…

ATG Basics rotates areas so you wouldn’t likely have to train through DOMs… Meanwhile we’ve done Poliquin’s Super Accumulation where you INTENTIONALLY train through soreness every day. Both work.

So soreness isn’t a fundamental limiting factor. But I’d say most clients will want to recover from soreness before training that body part again.

Noah Leamy, [07/06/2023 13:55]

What are DOMs?

Geoff Reed, [07/06/2023 13:56]

Delayed onset muscle soreness

Ben Patrick, [07/06/2023 13:57]

Yep, then there’s IOMS, instant onset muscle soreness. This common occurs on Nordics and RDLs. 😂

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