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Treating Athlete with Lower Back Stress Fractures

Kristin Blytt Kaurstad, [12/06/2023 13:05]

Hi! Just got in an athlete with two stressfractures in his lower back😳 Just got the pictures back yesterday. Where do we go from here? What can he do? He playes handball and is a strong and extremely explosive 18yo athlete.

Ben Patrick, [12/06/2023 14:20]

Kristin lots of great options for the back. Also check out the Back Ability workout on Wednesdays in ATG Basics

Kristin Blytt Kaurstad, [12/06/2023 14:46]

Thanks💪🏻 But can he start with it now or should he rest until the fracture heals first?🤷🏼‍♀️

Ben Patrick, [12/06/2023 15:18]

Kristin that would be a medical question. I just approach ability. Usually someone who can walk, can sled. And from sledding come many more abilities.

If someone can walk, sit down, stand up, they can do much of the ATG system, because it is scalable routes of those abilities. A Seated Goodmorning with bodyweight is just sitting and leaning forward with intention, and Seated GM in my opinion is the single most powerful back changer. I will film this on Wednesday.

You can take what basic abilities a client has, and then make them more bulletproof. If the client can drive to you, get out of the car, walk inside, open the door… then they can start Knee Ability, Back Ability, and Shoulder Ability. Because they literally did ultra low levels of those things in order to do that.

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