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Treating Tendinitis with Exercise

carson Douglas, [20/04/2023 18:25]

i gotta a knee question when having tendonitis is it best to just hit all the goals of zero then try and load weights in the step ups

Ben Patrick, [20/04/2023 18:26]

Good question… Believe it or not I’ve seen everything on this list “fix” tendinitis (the list above about the 7 knee levels). First on the list would be reverse sled. So I suggest mastering them all in that order.

Loaded full squats with controlled eccentrics could easily fix tendinitis. I’ve also seen Poliquin Step Ups work RAPIDLY for that. ATG Split Squats have done it. Even Couch Stretch has done it!

As a coach it’s best to master all 7 knee zones (which I listed above, about half an hour ago). While concurrently developing the posterior chain and lower legs.

Zero (high reps bodyweight) could be tested before loading. But loading would then provide more gain than bodyweight.

But imagine a client 50 pounds overweight, vs one super skinny? So there’s no absolute. Every exercise has a degree of pressure + external load + reps + sets, all factors. When in doubt, start from safest factor 👍

Backward sled, high reps, lots of mobility. But realize it could easily be LOADING that’s needed!

For basketball my thought process is… Use the gentler exercises to get INTO full squats and then control full squats and increase strength.

So it’s the whole formula that makes it all make sense.

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