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Trouble with ATG Split Squat

Max Nelson, [19/07/2023 06:08]

Does anyone have trouble with ATG split squat? I’ve been at flat ground for a few months now and feel good, but sometimes one knee feels weird and pain begins at the very end of the movement. Then I have to elevate my front foot to about 18in for the pain to go away.. then the next 3-4 SS sessions I need to elevate it or the pain will still occur… this has happened with both knees. Any thoughts? I’m genuinely stumped because I make sure I warm up properly and have only done slow tempo on SS.

Ben Patrick, [20/07/2023 11:37]

Max ultimately it’s a matter of ability. There are no mysteries or secrets. Your knee in general still has a ways to go it sounds like. Do you have video of your deep squat? Using the split squat to achieve a beautiful and strong deep squat, is perhaps the best overall advice I can give you.

Additionally, couch stretch and flossing could probably handle a split squat issue (for someone with a decent split squat) in a single session.

Max step ups for HEIGHT directly makes split squat easier. Another good part of the formula.

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