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Twitter: A Great Place to Practice Writing

Ben Patrick, [10/09/2023 20:06]

Over 100k followers on Twitter now, written content.

Coaches: write write write!!! At the original ATG I was writing for my clients and printing out articles for them! Meaning most of my original articles don’t even exist online. They’re on some dead computer somewhere.

Twitter likes WRITTEN content plus photos or silent video clips. So I think it’s a great place to practice writing short articles. Elon extended the words limit so you can write out a little article rather than having to make threads (writing threads is annoying, but still good writing practice compared to nothing). Regardless of followers, Twitter is a great place to practice writing. 1 follower is more than 0. And you never know what could happen.

(You can post videos there too, but I recommend also using it to practice writing regularly, in a productive way that can lead to more long-term income for yourself)

This is how CSU will operate: every time the kids read something, they’ll have to do their own creative writing. Even as an adult, writing can be very productive, and as a coach, you can put your short writings right onto Twitter, for more long-term income. Long-term income could be from more in-person or online clients, from sales of things you enjoy. Because you can link right into a post.

I suggest being an affiliate for anything you enjoy and write about. You deserve income back, from educating more people on stuff you like.

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