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Updated Upper Body Calculator with 3 Rep Incline Bench

Ben Patrick, [10/09/2022 01:19]

Updated upper body calculator using 3 rep Incline Bench 45 degrees, 40X0 tempo

Dumbbell incline as a mother lift wasn't a "bad idea" but in practice there's too much variation based on depth. Whereas barbell is bar. It stops at your chest. 40X0 makes for a great session too. I can feel the DOMs coming in already. I was testing it at 6 reps but 40X0 at 6 reps is a LOT. I think 3 reps is more realistic to hold focus while actually seeing what strength you are capable of.

So Front Squat and 45 degree Incline, 40X0.

Poliquin's system used those in relation to Back Squat and Flat Bench, and per Poliquin they were the "best test for athletes" for lower and upper strength.

I am using those two regularly in training while supplementing with reverse step ups, ATG split squats, posterior chain, DB shoulder presses, dips, etc.

On the right hand side I note if a number is Poliquin-accurate 100% (by using math to cross-correlate) or if it is a proposed number and why.

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