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Upper body variation, lower body repetition.

Ben Clarfield, [23/04/2023 21:51]

We always remember the upper body craves variation and complexity and the lower much more can tolerate repetitive movements. So love it.

Ben Patrick, [23/04/2023 21:51]

I trust Ben C by far on the higher level shoulder work. Ben C and Keegan both shockingly brilliant on training in general - and beat me by far on upper body knowledge. I encourage everyone in the chat to keep learning!

We still need to figure out how to layer upper body for educational purposes. Lower body we can already “think with”.


1. Sled

2. Step up

3. Split squat

4. Squat

5. Sissy

6. Quad Stretch


1. Sled (forward)

2. Back ext

3. Seated GM

4. Deadlift

5. Knee flexion

6. Ham stretch

These aren’t absolutes but are damn good.

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