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Using Chains for Athlete Squats

Christian Kurz, [13/06/2023 20:21]

18 year old D1 hockey player squat

305x3 ATG (video with bouncing at the bottom and not getting full depth)

Ben Patrick, [13/06/2023 22:04]

@ckurzz STRONG… But here’s my full advice for you: The depth isn’t great. You will get more athleticism from more depth. BUT I’m not saying to use less weight. CHAINS.

You need both for the freaky athlete transformation. Poliquin coached me in person. He would have told you to go deeper. Chains solves going deeper and still getting the strength overload for peak athletic change.

It’s taken me years to realize we have to suck it up and be patient and popularize chains for full squats. Otherwise, athletes just don’t squat deep. Or strong. Both is the secret.

Christian Kurz, [13/06/2023 22:07]

Gotchu, I appreciate the advice.

Ben Patrick, [13/06/2023 22:10]

Yep, you’re not wrong. You’re doing an amazing job. This is why I use chains with athletes.

Keep up the great work 🔥👏

We’re making our own simple chains, nothing fancy. Collars with 6 foot chains weighing 25 pounds each.

Fernando New Number is doing 400+ at the BOTTOM of his squats, with another 100+ at the top. We were just talking about it today. It’s simply the solution for athletes.

Christian Kurz, [13/06/2023 22:14]

@Kneesovertoesguy Always use chains?

Ben Patrick, [13/06/2023 22:16]

@ckurzz purely my opinion for athletes on squats to use chains, at HQ we have been.

Connor is jumping higher than anyone in the world, I’m not kidding. Almost knocked himself out on the rim this weekend Hit his head on the rim so hard everyone could hear it. We were worried. This was after hitting a squat PR with chains. He squats before hoops as his ritual lol!

Bear in mind we are CRUSHING: Sleds (LIKE CRAZY), Step ups for height, Split squats for mobility. It’s getting crazy at ATGHQ when everyone is squatting with chains. Highest jumping weekly basketball game on earth

So yes, on squats you can use chains all the time if you want. But the context is the squat is our tool to gain strength through the whole curve, and we use other exercises for more specific purposes.

Christian Kurz, [13/06/2023 22:34]

Makes sense. A lot of the time I think about if I were to put my athletes through a linear ATG style progression if they would make more progress than poliquin style undulating periodization.

Ben Patrick, [13/06/2023 22:54]

@ckurzz they both will work. Context… I trained and continue to train WITH my athletes. So they’re just following my personal program lol! It’s hard to compare to that motivation. The sets and reps don’t have to change as much because of the motivation of the group. This is very unique. Hope that adds context.

Matthew Skaar, [13/06/2023 23:08]

Keith has talked to me about this and can explain better but I think Charles wouldn’t squat with chains more than once every other week just because of the neurological difficulty of it. Lots of other things to consider with that but something to consider if people are squatting more than once a week

Ben Patrick, [13/06/2023 23:11]

Yep, for counter context… He also wrote Super Accumulation with 6 squat workouts per week and said if you have bands or chains… USE EM! 😂

I think once a week is solid. ✅ We’ve used that for years. And people with rough knees actually find chains smoother and less painful, on average ✅

When in doubt, moderation will still get the job done. Alternating weeks chains - no chains would still work GREAT ✅🔥 Especially if your competitors don’t even bend the knee in training. Cheat codes.

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