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Using Dense Strength for Muscle Gain

Ferenc Hegyközi, [09/06/2023 17:48]

I’m currently hooked on using dense strength on my main movements like atg split squat, dips, chins etc. My question is that with this method, will my muscle gain process slow down or doesn’t make a difference. I am assuming that using a method like 4x12 builds more muscle than 10x5. I don’t know please help me out on this one.

And the rest time. I’m not that worried I enjoy this method much more than resting for 2 minutes every time

Ben Patrick, [09/06/2023 17:54]

Ferenc Dense works GREAT for muscle development and form-building!

Sets and reps are tools, they can all work. The biggest factor won’t be sets and reps, but rather… Gradual increase of stimulus to the body. In other words, training hard.

On Dense this occurs through volume, with less sets this occurs through intensity. They both work.

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