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VMO Squat vs Deep Squat Variance

Jacky Ma, [01/05/2023 16:58]

Is the full squat in day 1 a VMO squat from dense? Or is it a deep squat where you could pop your hips back?

Ben Patrick, [01/05/2023 18:25]

Jacky each layer has tremendous variance. In the program I use a balance: closer stance, heels a touch elevated, Tom Platz style (he didn’t use a slantboard but did use shoes with heel elevation). We already have split squat and seated GM to develop the adductors, so for the squat think LEG DRIVE.

Slight heel elevation balances things nicely between quad and glute. No heel elevation would be more glute, more slant would be more quad, and you CAN adjust any layer to your needs. I use chains + slight heel elevation.

Dips and Chins for example, quickly show how strong you are vs your bodyweight. Squat vs bodyweight would be simple example for lower body

ATG Pro is really nice for volleyball since you’ll want not only to jack up vertical but also amazing shoulders.

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