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Weird pain in left glute during RDLs.


Ástør Vrîñdts, [06/01/2023 20:25]

Everytime I do the RDL, I have this weird pain in my left glute. It goes away a few hours after doing them. I never feel the pain with any other exercise or sport. Does anyone know how to fix that or what the problem may be?

Ben Patrick, [06/01/2023 20:25]

Haven’t seen that, but likely something along that chain is tighter. Here’s something that is often effective: SLOW TEMPO! And not just down. This is straight from Ben Clarfield: 5 seconds down, 5 seconds pause, 5 seconds up, 3 reps. Can be very healing.

Honestly there’s probably a lot of ATG magic waiting that is decades away from really being explored. Slow tempo in all ranges of full range of motion exercises being one of them.

Ástør Vrîñdts, [06/01/2023 20:27]

Even with just the bar or light dumbbells, the pain starts beginning when I’m at a certain point in the movement.

Just before my back is parallel to the ground

Ben Patrick, [06/01/2023 20:49]

Definitely something abnormal then. I’d personally rotate Seated GM, RDL, and Single Leg Back Extension, each once a week. Each 5550 tempo.

Slow, heavyish forward sled also might be a winner.

I’d add gentle slantboard calf and ham stretch to make sure nothing tight in that chain.

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